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Updates regarding the Whitehall Foundation research grants
July 2022

Regarding the two- and three-year research grants

The Foundation will allow a maximum budget of $100,000 per year for the two- and three-year research grant applications. The maximum award amount is $300,000 for a three-year research grant. The one-year grants-in-aid remains at $30,000 per year.

Regarding the Letter of Intent

The Foundation has updated the letter of intent instructions. Please review the updated requirements shown in the Application Procedure section.

The Whitehall Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation which is focused exclusively on assisting basic research in vertebrate (excluding clinical) and invertebrate neurobiology in the United States.

Investigations should specifically concern neural mechanisms involved in sensory, motor, and other complex functions of the whole organism as these relate to behavior. The overall goal should be to better understand behavioral output or brain mechanisms of behavior.

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